Toffeetoffeetoffee is a small artisnal candy company.  Our toffee is a butter toffee mixed with toasted almonds.  We do not coat our product with chocolate as we feel it masks the buttery flavor.  The toffee is hand made in small batches with exacting care.


Currently we offer our toffee in 6 ounce and 16 ounce packaging.  The 6 ounce size is perfect for meeting or seminar handouts, party favors, or gift baskets.  The 16 ounce size is available in two packages: a gold foil pouch with ribbon that may be shipped in the small size USPS priorty flat rate box and a white candy box that is suitable for hand delivery and may be shipped in bulk. Shipping is included in our pricing.  Please call for bulk pricing.


Toffeetoffeetoffee maybe contacted through or by phone at 706 341-7868